DOTAS Founder's Message


Mr. Gerald Sumari

When I started Dominion Tours & Adventure Safaris , DOTAS, 4 years back as a young entrepreneur with 10 years of Tourism Industry hands-on experience, I never thought that it would have such a lasting influence and such a great impact on 8 many. So much about the beauty & attraction of our land Tanzania, have been spoken by many. Making it as a slogan, but the truth remains unchanged.

I’m sincerely humbled by what we have achieved only in 4 years since inception. None of which would have been possible without the hand of almighty God, who always brings us great customers & such hospitable staff, to Him alone be honor & Glory. It has been extremely rewarding for me to witness Dominion Tours & Adventure Safaris grow speedily in the last 4 years.

My thirst of opening this Company in the outset was to create a company that was customer focused putting our clients’ needs ahead. As a Tourism professional I know what our clients need, not only that I was born in Tanzania but grew in a Tourist City of Arusha, making tourism my life style since childhood. When I was in Primary school I used to travel with fellow pupils for study tours, and so was in Secondary school & College. Having witnessed the amazement of our Nature & tested it, I needed no body to convince me to study tourism which would make me serve in this great industry. We stand out among our competitors because of our willingness to innovate and our customers’ focused approach.

But to be frank, by divine wisdom I have discovered that human labor must be respected, encouraged and coached as a football team. It is clear that employees are the most valuable assets that our company have. We live & work as one family and as a team, and thereby treating all our clients as a family.


Gerald P. Sumari - Founder & Managing Director.