DOTAS Ten Commandments of Safaris


All people in the globe now and the future would appreciate if you would obey DOTAS ten Commandments while on a Safari with us.

  • Thou shalt respect the debility of our Parks, unless you support in preservation, these peculiar and wonderful destinations will perish and the future generations won’t have any of them to visit and enjoy.
  • Thou shalt take only photographs and leave only foot prints around the Parks.
  • Thou shalt not litter around our beautiful Parks or take any objects, animate or inanimate.
  • Thou shalt educate yourself therein about Geography, culture, customs and lifestyle of the places you visit to make your tour more enjoyable and joyful.
  • Thou shalt not attempt to photograph other people without their consent; thou shalt respect their dignity and privacy.
  • Thou shall not buy any souvenir made by endangered plants and animals like Elephant tusks, Rhino horns, lion claws and teeth tortoise shell just to name a few, it is prohibited, thou shalt not do that.
  • Thou shalt not disturb our animals or awake those who are resting by throwing objects to them follow instructions given by your Tour guide.
  • Thou shalt not be only a partaker of the beauty and African Nature, but thou shalt also be a conservationist in preserving our Nature.
  • Thou shalt encourage your fellow tourist to obey the Rules & Regulations that protect & preserve these destinations and never keep quite when you see others neglect & break them.
  • Thou shalt expect only the best experience on a Safari with DOTAS and never the least of your desires; because “expectation is the mother of manifestation”. When your expectations are high well play our best to fulfill them.